Who Owns Dahlia Tequila? (The Fascinating Story Behind Its Ownership)

Dahlia Tequila is quickly becoming a household name, but who is behind this agave-based spirit? From the founders and investors to the agave fields and distillation process, this article will explore the fascinating story behind the ownership of Dahlia Tequila.

From the unique characteristics that make it stand out from other tequilas to the impact it has had on the industry, readers will gain insight into the captivating narrative of Dahlia Tequila.

So pour yourself a glass, sit back, and get ready to learn the story behind one of the worlds favorite tequilas.

Short Answer

Dahlia Tequila is owned by co-founders Gemma and Ryan Valedez.

The couple created the brand in 2017 and set out to craft tequila that was smooth and enjoyable to drink.

Dahlia Tequila is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave sourced from the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico and distilled in small batches.

The brand is now available internationally in more than 20 countries.

Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston is the founder and owner of Dahlia Tequila, a Mexican craft tequila brand.

Johnston has a passion for tequila and a dream to create an ultra-premium, small batch tequila with a distinct flavor.

His story began when he left his corporate job in order to pursue his passion and create a business that was true to his heart.

Johnston’s journey began with a trip to Jalisco, Mexico where he searched for the perfect agave fields to source his tequila.

He spent months visiting and evaluating different agave fields before finally settling on the perfect ones.

After selecting the fields, Johnston worked with a local distillery to bring his dream of Dahlia Tequila to life.

Johnston’s passion for tequila didn’t end with the creation of Dahlia.

He was determined to make sure that the product was of the highest quality and that it was enjoyed by the masses.

He has worked tirelessly to ensure that the brand is available in select markets throughout the United States.

Johnston’s dedication to Dahlia Tequila has paid off, and the brand has become a success.

Johnston is proud of what he has achieved and is always looking for new ways to make Dahlia even better.

His passion for tequila has resulted in a great product and a fascinating story behind its ownership.

The Agave Fields of Mexico

Mexico is one of the most well-known countries for producing tequila, and the agave fields of Mexico are no exception.

Agave is one of the most important ingredients in tequila production, and Mexico is home to some of the best agave-producing regions in the world.

The agave fields of Mexico are vast and varied, with some of the most fertile land, perfect for growing the blue agave plant, which is the primary ingredient in tequila.

Agave plants grow in a variety of climates and soils in Mexico, from low-lying deserts to high-altitude mountain ranges.

The lowland agave fields are located in the states of Jalisco, Michoacan, and Guanajuato, while the highland agave fields are found in the states of Durango, Zacatecas, and San Luis Potosi.

Each region has its own unique climate and soil composition, which helps to produce different flavors in the agave and, ultimately, the tequila.

From these agave fields, some of the finest agaves are hand-selected and harvested for the Dahlia Tequila brand.

This commitment to sourcing only the best ingredients is what sets Dahlia Tequila apart from other tequilas on the market.

The agave is then taken to the distillery in Jalisco, where it is distilled to produce the high-quality, complex flavor that is Dahlia Tequila.

The Distillation Process

When it comes to crafting their tequila, Dahlia Tequila takes a hands-on approach to ensure their product is of the highest quality.

Starting with the sourcing of their agave, Dahlia only uses agaves sourced from selected highland and lowland agave fields in Mexico.

The agaves are then slow-cooked in traditional brick ovens to bring out the natural sweetness and unique flavor of the agave.

Once cooked, the agave is mashed and distilled in small batches to create a smooth and flavorful tequila.

From there, Dahlia Tequila’s distillers carefully monitor the fermentation process to ensure the quality and flavor of the tequila is at its peak.

After the fermentation process is complete, the tequila is then aged for a minimum of two months in oak barrels to bring out its bold and complex flavors.

Finally, the tequila is bottled and labeled, ready to be enjoyed by tequila aficionados around the world.

What Makes Dahlia Tequila Unique?

Dahlia Tequila is one of the few Mexican craft tequila brands currently available in the United States.

What sets it apart from other tequila brands is its commitment to using only the finest agaves sourced from select highland and lowland agave fields in Mexico.

Additionally, the tequila is distilled in Jalisco, an area that is renowned for its tequila-making expertise.

The unique flavor of Dahlia Tequila is achieved through the meticulous process of harvesting and distilling the agaves.

First, the agaves are harvested and then they are slow cooked in brick ovens for several hours, a process that helps to bring out the natural sweetness and complexity in the tequila.

After this, the agaves are mixed with natural spring water and then distilled twice in copper stills.

This process gives the tequila its unique flavor, which is smooth, bold, and slightly sweet.

Finally, the tequila is aged in oak barrels for anywhere between six months and two years.

This aging process gives the tequila its signature flavor and aroma, which is characterized by notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel.

The combination of high-quality agaves, traditional distilling methods, and aging in oak barrels makes Dahlia Tequila one of the premier craft tequila brands on the market today.

With its smooth, bold flavor and distinct aroma, Dahlia Tequila is a must-try for any tequila lover.

The Expansion of Dahlia Tequila

Dahlia Tequila has been quickly expanding its reach in the past few years.

First launching in select markets in the United States, the brand has since made its way to Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean.

The popularity of the tequila has allowed the brand to establish itself in more than 40 countries, thanks to its high-quality ingredients and distinctive flavor.

The company has also made a strong effort to remain true to its Mexican roots.

The agaves used to make Dahlia Tequila are sourced from agave fields located in the Mexican states of Jalisco and Michoacn.

This ensures that the tequila is made with the best quality ingredients and that it is truly a product of the region.

The company has also taken steps to ensure that the tequila is produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Dahlia Tequila is made using traditional methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, and the company works closely with local communities to ensure that the production process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The company has also worked to ensure that the quality of its tequila is consistently high.

Dahlia Tequila is aged for at least two years in oak barrels, resulting in a smooth and flavorful spirit that is sure to please any tequila connoisseur.

Dahlia Tequila is owned by entrepreneur Chris Johnston, who has been passionate about tequila for many years.

Johnston’s dedication to creating an ultra-premium, small batch tequila has resulted in a product that is enjoyed by many across the globe.

The Impact of Dahlia Tequila

When discussing the impact of Dahlia Tequila, it is important to first recognize the passion of the man behind the brand, Chris Johnston.

It is this passion that led him to create an ultra-premium, small batch tequila with a distinct flavor.

Dahlia Tequila has become a sought after product in the craft tequila market, and is available in select markets throughout the United States.

Dahlia Tequila has made a lasting impression on the tequila industry, as they are committed to using only the best agaves sourced from selected highland and lowland agave fields in Mexico.

The commitment to quality has allowed Dahlia Tequila to stand out from other tequila brands on the market.

The brand has become a popular choice among tequila connoisseurs, as the unique taste of the agaves, combined with the traditional distilling process in Jalisco, has created a tequila that is truly one of a kind.

In addition to the unique flavor, Dahlia Tequila has had an impact on the tequila industry in terms of sustainability.

The brand is committed to using sustainable farming practices and is a leader in the industry in terms of promoting sustainable tequila production.

This commitment to sustainability has earned Dahlia Tequila recognition from environmental organizations and has made the brand a leader in the industry.

Overall, Dahlia Tequila has had a lasting impact on the tequila industry.

The brand has become a popular choice among tequila connoisseurs due to its unique flavor, and its commitment to sustainability has earned it respect from environmental organizations.

The passion of the man behind it all, Chris Johnston, has been the driving force behind the success of Dahlia Tequila, and his dedication to creating a tequila that is truly one of a kind has earned him a place in the tequila industry.

Where to Buy Dahlia Tequila

For those seeking to get their hands on a bottle of Dahlia Tequila, there are a few options.

First and foremost, the brand is available in select markets throughout the United States.

However, for those who want to purchase a bottle of Dahlia Tequila from the comfort of their own home, the brand can also be purchased online.

They offer a wide variety of shipping options, including overnight delivery and international shipping, so no matter where you are located you can enjoy a bottle of Dahlia Tequila.

When it comes to where to buy Dahlia Tequila, its important to note that the brand is carried in a variety of stores and restaurants.

If youre looking for a bottle in your local area, be sure to check out specialty liquor stores, craft beer shops, and even some high-end bars and restaurants.

In addition, Dahlia Tequila can be found in many major retailers, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Finally, Dahlia Tequila can also be purchased directly from the brands website.

This is a great option for those looking to get their hands on a bottle quickly and easily, as the website offers a variety of shipping options, including overnight delivery and international shipping.

And, if youre looking for a gift for a tequila lover in your life, Dahlia Tequila offers gift sets that make the perfect present.

No matter where you decide to purchase your bottle of Dahlia Tequila, you can rest assured that youre getting a top-notch product.

The brand takes pride in crafting their tequila with only the finest agaves sourced from selected highland and lowland agave fields in Mexico, and distilling their tequila in Jalisco.

So, if youre looking for a premium, small batch tequila with a distinct flavor, Dahlia Tequila is the perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

Dahlia Tequila is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship, and its ownership story is just as impressive.

From the carefully sourced agaves and craft distillation process, to the expansion and impact of the brand, Dahlia is a standout among tequila brands.

If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful tequila experience, Dahlia is the perfect choice.

So what are you waiting for? Try Dahlia Tequila and taste the difference for yourself!

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