When Did Lavender and Ron Date? (The History of Their Relationship)

The relationship between Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown was a highly anticipated, yet tumultuous one.

From the initial struggles for Ron to ask Lavender out, to the couple’s eventual break up, their relationship was a rollercoaster ride.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the history of Ron and Lavender’s relationship, from the moment they first met to their eventual friendship after the breakup.

We’ll look at how their relationship developed, Lavender’s influence on Ron, and what ultimately caused the couple to part ways.

So let’s take a journey down memory lane to explore the story of Ron and Lavender.

Short Answer

Lavender Brown and Ron Weasley dated in their fifth year at Hogwarts, during Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

They broke up at the end of the book, when Ron started to develop feelings for Hermione Granger.

Later, it is revealed that they had briefly gotten back together during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Ron’s Initial Struggles to Ask Lavender Out

When Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown first began to show interest in one another, it was clear they had feelings for one another.

But Ron had a hard time mustering up the courage to actually ask Lavender out.

It took him several months before he finally found the nerve to ask her.

During this time, Ron was often seen stumbling over his words, blushing, and avoiding eye contact with Lavender when they were together.

He was even seen mumbling to himself, trying to come up with the perfect words to say.

Fortunately, Ron’s best friend, Harry Potter, was there to lend him a helping hand.

Harry encouraged Ron to take the plunge and just ask Lavender out, telling him that she was clearly interested and that it was worth a shot.

It was only after hearing Harry’s advice that Ron finally mustered up the courage to ask Lavender out.

So, when did Lavender and Ron finally start dating? After months of Ron’s inner struggle, the two finally became an official couple sometime during their sixth year at Hogwarts.

It was a joyous occasion for the two of them, and they were seen together often, holding hands and smiling.

Although their relationship started out strong, it eventually ended after a few difficult months.

Despite this, the two remained good friends and continued to support one another until the end of their time at Hogwarts.

Lavender’s Reaction to Ron’s Invitation

When Ron finally mustered the courage to ask Lavender out, her reaction was one that could be described as both surprised and delighted.

After all, she had been crushing on him since their first year, and she had no idea he felt the same way.

She was so overwhelmed with joy that she immediately said yes, and the two of them began to date shortly thereafter.

Naturally, Lavender was filled with excitement as she entered into a relationship with the boy she had been admiring for so long.

She was also nervous, however, as she was not sure what to expect from a relationship with Ron, nor was she sure how it would be received by her friends and family.

She quickly realized, however, that Ron was a kind and gentle individual who was always willing to listen and offer support, and this made her even more comfortable with the relationship.

Despite her initial apprehensions, Lavender quickly found herself in a relationship with Ron that was both romantic and fun.

They were able to share their thoughts and feelings with each other without judgement, and they were able to enjoy activities together that gave them both a sense of joy and excitement.

Lavender was truly in love with Ron, and this only made her feel even more strongly about him.

How the Couple’s Relationship Developed

When Lavender Brown and Ron Weasley first began dating, it was a momentous occasion for both of them.

Ron had long harbored feelings for Lavender, but he was too shy to make a move.

It was only when his twin brothers, Fred and George, pushed him to ask her out that he finally mustered up the courage.

The couple’s relationship began slowly, but soon blossomed into a strong and passionate romance.

Ron and Lavender were constantly seen together in the hallways of Hogwarts, holding hands and stealing kisses.

They also enjoyed spending time together outside of school, often going on dates to Hogsmeade and other nearby locations.

The couple seemed to be in a good place, but things started to unravel after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

Lavender accused Ron of not being supportive enough, and the two had a series of heated arguments.

Despite their disagreements, they continued to stay together, until Ron ultimately ended things after his sixth year was over.

Although the couple had split, they remained good friends and their relationship was amicable.

They still kept in touch and even attended the wedding of Ron’s brother, Bill Weasley, together.

It’s clear that the two still have a strong bond, even after all these years.

Lavender’s Influence on Ron During Their Relationship

During their relationship, Lavender had a major influence on Ron.

She encouraged him to be more confident in himself and to take risks, something that had always been difficult for him.

She helped him to see that he was capable of more than he thought and constantly pushed him to be the best version of himself.

As their relationship progressed, Ron found himself becoming more outgoing, even going as far as joining the Quidditch team and standing up to his older brothers.

It was clear that Lavender’s presence in Ron’s life was having a positive effect on him, and it was no surprise when he chose to stay with her for the remainder of his time at Hogwarts.

What Led to the Couple’s Break Up

When Ron and Lavender started dating in their sixth year at Hogwarts, it was clear that it was a relationship full of passion and excitement.

They were always seen laughing and having fun together, and their status quickly became official.

However, as the months went on, the couple’s relationship began to suffer.

The main reason for their break up was Ron’s lack of commitment.

He was often too busy with his research and studies to spend time with Lavender, and he was often absent from her side.

Lavender felt neglected and unappreciated, and this took a toll on their relationship.

Another factor that contributed to their split was Ron’s lingering feelings for Hermione.

Despite his relationship with Lavender, he was still unable to break away from his feelings for Hermione, and this made Lavender feel insecure.

She knew that Ron was not ready to make a full commitment, and this caused a lot of tension between them.

The couple’s final argument was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Lavender felt that Ron was not taking their relationship seriously, and she decided that they should end things.

Ron reluctantly agreed, and the two parted ways.

Despite the end of their relationship, they remained good friends and kept in touch.

How the Relationship Ended and What Happened After

Lavender and Ron’s relationship came to an end in their seventh year at Hogwarts.

This was due in part to Ron’s growing feelings for Hermione, as well as Lavender’s increasing jealousy of Hermione.

After a heated argument, the two decided to call it quits and remain good friends.

Following their breakup, Ron and Lavender began to drift apart, though they still kept in touch.

They even attended the same Gryffindor Quidditch game during their seventh year.

While the two never rekindled the romance, they still kept a good friendship.

Ron and Lavender’s relationship ended amicably, and both found happiness in other relationships.

Ron eventually married Hermione Granger, while Lavender moved on with another wizard named Cormac McLaggen.

In the end, Lavender and Ron will always be remembered as one of the great couples of Hogwarts.

Their relationship was a testament to the power of true love, and even though they eventually went their separate ways, their bond will always be remembered.

Ron and Lavender’s Friendship After the Break Up

Despite their break-up, Ron and Lavender remained close friends.

They were often spotted together in the halls and grounds of Hogwarts, and it seemed that their friendship was a genuine one.

Ron was often seen offering Lavender his shoulder to cry on, and Lavender, in turn, was always there to support Ron during difficult times.

The two also formed an unlikely alliance against Hermione in their seventh year, when Ron believed that Hermione was being overly critical of Lavender’s intelligence.

This showed that, even after their break-up, Ron still cared about Lavender and wanted to see her succeed.

The two also continued to write to each other after their break-up.

During their time at Hogwarts, they exchanged letters and postcards, and Ron even sent Lavender a birthday card during the summer before their seventh year.

This shows that, despite their break-up, the two still had an affectionate relationship and remained close friends.

Overall, it’s clear that Ron and Lavender’s relationship continued to be a positive and supportive one, even after their break-up.

They continued to be there for each other, and it’s clear that their friendship was genuine and lasting.

Final Thoughts

Lavender and Ron’s romantic relationship was both tumultuous and full of growth.

Despite the difficulties they faced, the couple was able to come to a mutual understanding and remain friends afterwards.

This story is a reminder that romantic relationships often have their struggles, but that it’s possible to come out the other side still connected to the person you once shared a bond with.

So the next time you’re in a relationship, remember the story of Lavender and Ron and try to make the most of the time you have together.

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