What Goes With Lavender Color? (Discover the Perfect Combinations)

Lavender is a captivating, romantic hue that can bring a special touch of elegance to any style.

It’s no wonder why this tranquil shade is so popular in home decor.

But with so many shades and colors that go with lavender, it can be difficult to decide which ones will look best together.

To help you create the perfect lavender-inspired look, we’ll explore the color psychology behind lavender, its different shades, and other complementary colors to bring out the best in this beautiful hue.

Read on to discover the perfect color combinations to go with lavender!

Short Answer

Lavender is a soft, feminine color that pairs well with many other colors.

For a classic look, try pairing it with neutrals such as white, cream, or gray.

Or, for a more modern feel, lavender looks great with other pastels like pink, mint, and light blue.

To create a bolder look, you can also pair lavender with jewel tones like deep purple, navy, or teal.

Color Psychology Behind Lavender

When it comes to decorating, color has a powerful impact on the mood of any space.

Lavender is a unique color that evokes feelings of tranquility and relaxation, making it perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in any room.

But what exactly is it about the color lavender that makes it so calming?

The psychology behind lavender is rooted in its ability to soothe and relax.

Lavender is associated with nature, and its soft hue is reminiscent of a peaceful meadow.

The color also has a calming effect on the mind and can help reduce anxiety and stress.

Its calming properties are especially beneficial in spaces that are used for relaxation, such as a bedroom or living room.

In addition to its calming properties, lavender is also associated with creativity and imagination.

Its delicate hue encourages the free flow of ideas, making it an ideal choice for a workspace or creative space.

The color lavender can also be used to convey a sense of playfulness and joy, making it a great choice for spaces meant for entertaining or activities.

Overall, lavender is a versatile color that can be used in a variety of settings to create an atmosphere of relaxation and creativity.

With its calming properties and playful energy, lavender is the perfect choice for any room.

Shades of Lavender

When it comes to decorating with lavender, the shades you choose are just as important as the complementary colors.

To create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere, its best to stick to lighter shades of lavender that are more muted and subtle.

A light, powdery pastel lavender can look beautiful when paired with stark white or light grey walls, and when contrasted with accents of gold or silver.

For a more vibrant and bold look, choose a deeper, more vibrant lavender hue, such as a bright magenta or violet.

These colors can be paired with navy blue or darker shades of green to create a dramatic and eye-catching look.

No matter which shade of lavender you choose, make sure it is balanced out with the right complementary colors to create a peaceful and inviting atmosphere.

Complementary Colors

When it comes to creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere with lavender, incorporating complementary colors is key.

Some of the best colors to pair with lavender are shades of pink, yellow, green, and blue.

These colors work together to create a calming yet vibrant atmosphere.

Shades of pink, such as dusty rose or blush, can be used to create a subtle and romantic atmosphere.

The subtlety of these colors will not take away from the calming nature of lavender, but rather enhance it.

Yellow is a great way to bring energy into the room.

A bright or sunny yellow can create a cheerful atmosphere, while a more muted mustard color can give the room a warm and cozy feel.

Green is a great way to bring in an earthy vibe.

Shades of olive, mint, or sage can create a natural feeling in the room.

These colors also pair well with lavender to create a serene atmosphere.

Blue is an excellent choice when it comes to pairing with lavender.

Shades of light blue, baby blue, or sky blue can be used to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

These colors will also bring in a touch of elegance to the room.

Metallics are a great way to add a luxe touch to a lavender-themed room.

Silver, gold, and copper can be used to bring in some glamour and sophistication.

These accent pieces will look beautiful against the lavender walls and create a truly calming and inviting atmosphere.

Shades of Pink

When it comes to pairing colors with lavender, shades of pink are a natural choice.

The two colors work together to create a sense of tranquility and harmony, making it ideal for bedrooms and other relaxing spaces.

Pinks that are a few shades lighter or darker than lavender can be used to add depth and dimension to the room.

If youre looking for a more vibrant look, opt for brighter pinks that provide a pop of color.

From pale blush to vibrant fuchsia, pink is a versatile option for adding a soft and inviting touch to any space.

Shades of Yellow

When decorating with lavender, shades of yellow can be a great way to add a cheerful and vibrant contrast.

Consider adding a few accent pieces in shades of yellow such as lemon, buttercup, daffodil, or canary.

These colors can be used in wall art, furniture, bedding, curtains, or even floor rugs.

Adding a few yellow pieces to a lavender-based room can bring a cheerful energy and a sense of optimism.

Yellow is also a great color for adding a bit of brightness to a room, while still maintaining the calming atmosphere lavender brings.

Consider adding a few yellow pieces to a lavender-based room to bring a cheerful energy and a sense of optimism.

Shades of Green

When it comes to pairing lavender with other colors, look no further than shades of green.

The combination of these two colors creates a calming atmosphere that is perfect for any room.

Whether you choose a light sage green or a deep emerald hue, the result will be a peaceful and inviting space.

Shades of green can be used on walls, furniture, and accessories to create an air of tranquility.

You can also mix and match different shades of green and lavender to create an interesting visual effect.

Accent pieces such as throw pillows, rugs, and curtains can all be used to bring out the best of both colors.

To give the room a more modern touch, try pairing lavender with metallics such as copper, silver, and gold.

The combination of these two colors will create a luxurious look that is sure to impress.

Shades of Blue

The color lavender is a hue of blue, so its no surprise that shades of blue are a natural pairing to lavender.

Light blues can be used to create a tranquil atmosphere, while darker blues can add a bit of depth and sophistication.

For a classic look, try pairing lavender with navy blue.

This classic combination is timeless and elegant, making it perfect for both traditional and modern spaces.

A more subtle option is to use gray-blue as an accent color to soften the look.

You can also use blues in a brighter shade to add a pop of color and a cheerful feeling to the space.

To get a modern look, try pairing lavender with a bright turquoise or teal.

This combination will add a vibrant energy to the room while still maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

Metallics to Enhance the Look

Metallics can be a great way to add a touch of luxury to any space, and lavender is no exception.

Metallics like gold, silver, and copper can be used to add a subtle shimmer to a lavender room, creating a beautiful and calming atmosphere.

Silver and gold accents can be used to bring out the subtle earth tones in the lavender, while copper can give an added warmth to the room.

For a more subtle look, try using muted metallics like rose gold or antique brass.

These colors can be used to enhance the lavender without distracting from it.

Adding a few pillows, wall art, or other accents to the room in metallics can take the look to the next level.

Final Thoughts

Lavender is a beautiful and calming color that can be used to create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere in any room.

When decorating with lavender, it’s important to consider complementary colors that will enhance its calming effect.

Shades of pink, yellow, green, and blue can be paired with lavender for a peaceful space, and metallics like silver, gold, and copper can add a luxe touch.

With the right combination of colors, you can create a beautiful and calming atmosphere in any room.

Now that you know what goes with lavender color, why not try it out in your own home?

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